Own experience

As client

True curiosity, full attention and respect for my own boundaries and dignity are invaluable for me in the process. When all of them are present, nothing can go wrong. The process flows on itself and always ends up in the right place no matter where it ends up. The possibility of free speaking gives me the time and space to express my own truth and nothing else is really needed. Speaking and answering the powerful questions clarify my thoughts and put them in order; it helps me to see my own situation clearer, helps to get in touch with my own feelings and sensations in my body. It is amazing to feel how it works, to be in it fully, to start with some painful issue or simply with some conflict or confusion. To go on exploring, just talking and clarifying. Having some moments of not-knowing and suddenly see the puzzles coming together and making a beautiful or simple or just very reasonable view. This is a wonder, a miracle! This is it! I could explore my own issues in dept. I was able to heal a lot and became more mature within a short period.

As Zen Coach

To be a Zen Coach for me is a great way to witness the personal process of the other and see how transforming it is. It is also a great way to support people to express themselves in a deep, real way and support them to be genuine. It gives me big satisfaction to see people opening up, exploring own obstacles and finding out own ways to overcome it, to see them happy to take own life in their own hands.