Zen coaching is a deeply transformative process. It happens in an atmosphere full of trust and respect. Although it is not a therapy, its effects are very therapeutic. It supports the development of personal potential, and helps to find solutions to difficult situations according to our own inner instincts rather than what others want us to do. It gives us a chance to discover and understand who we really are, what we want and how to distinguish between what is ours and what has been imposed on us in the process of our living and upbringing. This allows us to slowly reject what does not serve us, and become more authentic and in tune with our inner self. As a result we gain more contentment and satisfaction with our lives and ourselves. Our relationship with the environment and our inner selves improves. We learn how to deal with difficult and “unwanted” emotions. We take responsibility for our own lives and discover our true strengths. We experience more understanding and fulfilment in our life, work, and relationships and also in many other areas