Zen Coaching

Zen coaching is a combination of modern methods of coaching with ancient and timeless Zen.

It is based on deep, supportive and respectful listening, simple techniques and specially constructed questions that are designed to help clients in identifying their own truths, getting in touch with their own answers and making their own choices in life. Zen coaching also supports people in reconnecting with themselves through helping them to get in touch with their own feelings, needs and desires and the mobilization of their own inner resources to cope and flourish in the outside world.

Zen coaching is non-judgemental and free from diagnosis or criticism. It believes in your potential and does not try to fix you or change you. It assumes that you know what is best for you and leads you to reconnection with your own source of inner wisdom. The process of Zen coaching unfolds according to your own rhythm and does not apply any forms of pressure. It allows you to decide how deep you want to go to explore your potential and your limitations. It is based on the principles of Nonviolent Communication and teaches you to communicate in the same way with yourself. Benefits

A single Zen coaching session lasts 1 hour. For best results, it is recommended to use the package of 10 sessions conducted at intervals of 1 to 2 weeks. There are also smaller packages and single sessions available depending on individual needs. People who want to work more intensely can combine Zen coaching with sound massage (either 1.5 or 2 hrs.) Those who do not live in Oslo can benefit from coaching sessions through Skype. (Good internet connection is essential).