Who For

  • craves for silence, inner peace and harmony
  • experience excessive stress and desires deep relaxation
  • is overwhelmed with work and responsibilities
  • suffers from insomnia and has problem to concentrate
  • wants to release wounds and suppressed emotions
  • is committed to psychotherapeutic treatment and needs body work for more efficient release of old wounds and emotions
  • is stuck in uncomfortable situation and craves for a change in life
  • has personal problems and cannot manage with them alone
  • is bothered by tension, pain and stiffness in the body or other physical or emotional disorders
  • wants to support medical treatment and rehabilitation with the alternative therapies
  • suffers from painful menstruation
  • is pregnant longer than 3 months and wants to let go of tension, harmonize with the baby and create pleasant beginning for new chapter of life

And those who

  • want to increase body consciousness
  • are interested in personal development
  • search for deeper meaning and harmony In life
  • want to discover own true nature, develop intuition and creativity
  • and everybody who feels attraction and wants to experience this special, subtle and beautiful treatment


Sound Therapy is not for you only if you:

  • have implanted heart pacemaker
  • are pregnant up to 3 months
  • take antipsychotic medications
  • are addicted to drugs


Sound therapy is a great method for energy healing and deep relaxation. It supports conventional medicine but it cannot be used instead of it.

Serious somatic or psychiatric illnesses should be consulted and treated with a specialized medical doctor.