Without stress a human being wouldn’t act and wouldn’t exist. Stress is a normal biological process, which is just our body’s reaction to all of the physical and psychological challenges. Every impulse which changes our readiness to act is stress. This wonderful mechanism guarantees our survival on the one hand, but on the other, it can also destroy and kill us.

Excessive stress?

The problem lies not in the existence of stress itself but in the situation when everyday over-exposure to it does not follow by relaxation. If we don’t know how to relax and cope with the excessive stress its harmful effects accumulate in our bodies. The situation can be different when the level of stress is moderate. This kind, together with the right amount of rest and relaxation, can even be pleasant and beneficial. It makes us feel alive and when we easily manage its side effects it shouldn’t be threatening to our health. However, excess of stress can have dire consequences. There have been cases when sudden and extremely strong stress caused instant death. Slower but equally damaging effect happens when constantly applied high amount of stress cannot be released.

Physiological reactions

This is because the mechanism of stress causes physiological changes in the human body. A person under stress is usually emotionally aroused, has increased heart rate, high blood pressure, faster breathing, high blood sugar, tension in the muscles and many more symptoms which after a while lead to a depletion of the whole body. As this state becomes more ingrained, it manifests as serious illnesses and health problems.

Dealing with stress

According to scientific research the excess of stress, and the lack of practical ability to deal with it effectively, is one of the main causes of illnesses and emotional disturbances in western societies today. Life full of stress, time pressure and competition is very common today. We are exposed to an enormous amount of information, constantly striving for something, worrying about the future, dwelling on past hurts and mistakes. We take on too much responsibility. We want to be perfect, better, more important and wiser. We are ruthless with our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. We demand too much of ourselves and don’t give ourselves enough time, understanding, love and acceptance. But it is only when we relax inside and accept ourselves just as we are, that we can release all the tension and stress, accumulated over the years

An effective way to reach this state is Relaxation. Read more about what relaxation is here.