Sound Session

The basics

Sound session lasts for an hour. You should wear loose, comfortable clothes and socks. You will be lying down on a mattress covered with blankets to feel warm and comfortable.

What happens then?

I will place singing bowls on different parts of your body and hit them gently with a felted stick, just as you can see on the pictures above. If it is needed, I will also use a gong to work with your aura, as well as tuning forks and bells. All these instruments create a beautiful, relaxing vibrations and after a few minutes you will start to resonate with them and experience a pleasant letting go. When you completely allow the sound to work on you, you begin to feel the complexity and richness of its harmonic tones. From the whole spectrum of these tones your body and all the organs can choose the ones they need at the time. You may be surprised by your body’s response because sound can open you to the new levels of experience. You are likely to feel that some of your body parts receive the sound differently to others and the flow of vibrations in some areas is restricted or blocked. The way you experience the vibrations in different areas is giving you information about your well-being in those places. You can trust that your body will recognize this primordial vibration, which restores it’s natural order and harmony. When that takes place, you will be able to feel the sound equally in your whole body and its cosmic vibration will remind you of your true origin. Your primal trust and safety will be reawakened. You can then let go and relax deeply or may even enter a trance. This moment can be very precious to you, because it is free from self-control and you can experience a complete surrender to the existence. It is then that you release all tension and let yourself just be and fully enjoy the healing power of sound.