Relaxation is a state of being here and now, enjoying the present moment and forgetting what was in the past and what may be in the future. In this state we can appreciate the wonders of life, realize who we are, what we like and what we really need. It helps us to find our own truth about life and reunite with our nature. This state awakens our self-healing mechanisms and our body, mind and soul go through a regeneration. The more often we benefit from the pleasure of relaxation, the easier it is for us to love and accept ourselves. The harmful effects of stress won’t be able to accumulate and take root in our body.

Relaxation as a routine

We could compare relaxation and its effects to house cleaning. If we clean regularly, the mess in our home doesn’t build up and it looks tidy. But if we neglect our cleaning routine, the layer of dust immediately begins to settle and the unwanted rubbish accumulates. After a while our home is dirty and is looking worse day by day. Nobody feels good there anymore. The same happens to the body. When we don’t remove the pollution caused by too much stress, the body is no longer a comfortable home for our soul.

Getting to know relaxation

If you feel you are ready to slow down and take care of yourself by relaxing, sound therapy can be a great method for you. The gentle, relaxing vibrations of the singing bowls will take you into a deep relaxation called Alpha State. The state is similar to deep sleep but your mind stays clear and awake. Your breath slows down and deepens. Your body becomes pleasantly light and freely resonates with the vibrations of the bowls. All the tensions, fears and discomforts caused by everyday stress are released. The body recovers lost patterns of sensation and learns to exist in a pleasant space. After the session you will feel a rising tide of positive energy and creativity. You will experience inner harmony and balance.

Defense and growth

By cleansing your tensions regularly using vibrating sound you will avoid the situation of being overwhelmed with stress and you will prevent the accumulation of its negative effects in your body. Sound will help you invigorate and strengthen your self-healing mechanism and restore your original, natural state of health. By taking care of yourself in this special way you are giving yourself a chance to regenerate your body, mind and spirit and you open to discover the joy of life without fear, tension and doubt.