Sound therapy

Sound therapy is a very safe and pleasant way to awaken a new consciousness of the body and stimulate our own self-healing abilities. It puts us in a state of deep relaxation and dissolves stress, harsh energies, blockages, and even pain. It can be used by almost everybody and it helps in all possible disorders, especially those related to stress. Supporting psychotherapy, medical treatment and rehabilitation with sound healing can improve their effects and bring quicker recovery.


Sound has always been a part of human life and we very early learned how to create and use music. The knowledge of using sound as a healing tool goes back to the beginning of time. Almost all cultures and religions mention sound as a cause behind the forming of the Universe. In the Bible it is written: “In the beginning was the Word”. For Hindus the beginning of all things is “Nada” – the primal tone. They say “Nada Brahma,” which means “The world is sound,” because they believe it was created from sound and is built on the principles of harmony, just like music. The ancient tone of the Himalayan cultures is the sacred mantra OM which symbolizes the original vibration. The Greeks too wrote about the sounds of the spheres and regarded all physical forms as manifestations of music. Shamans, medical practitioners and priests of all cultures use rhythmical music, chants and mantras for ritual and healing purposes. The oldest sacred Vedic texts written in India 3000-5000 years ago describe a well developed healing art based on the effects of sound.

Present use of Sound Therapy

From this ancient knowledge about the influence of sound on human beings comes the sound therapy that I practice. It came to Europe in the 1980s, together with the German engineer Peter Hess who, fascinated with the energy work, travelled to Nepal where he discovered the healing power of sound. This healing method, known also as sound massage, uses singing bowls and gongs directly on the body and aura. During the therapy the ancient instruments of healing generate a whole spectrum of vibrations which deeply penetrate the human body, massaging every single cell of it. Tense, full of blockages, cells and tissues are constantly stimulated to vibrate. Problems, tension, doubts, fear and insecurity, accumulated for many years, have a chance to release.

How it heals

Usually after a few minutes of the treatment our body naturally resonates with the new vibration and new vital energy begins to flow freely and undisturbed. After 45-60 minutes of the therapy, the human body vibrates like an instrument and its energy is well harmonized. The mind becomes clear, emotions stable. Peace, harmony, feelings of safety and joy are brought back to us on every level. This improves our intuition and creativity, makes us healthier and stronger to face everyday matters and enjoy each moment of life.

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