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Relax during the pregnancy.

You are pregnant and probably very happy about the situation but at times, you feel quite stressed about it and confused. Perhaps everything looks god. You have been seeing your midwife, maybe even spoke to a gynaecologist and have already USG. They all say your child develops well and normal but you are not always calm about it. Perhaps you had difficulties with the previous pregnancy or know somebody else who had complications. Or else, this is going to be your first baby so you simply think a lot and wonder how it is going to be. You are making plans, shopping lists etc. Sometimes you get overexcited, other times you might feel emotional or irritated. The hormones live their own life and you can’t control it. All of it creates much stress and tension in your body and on the top of it, your body begins to change. One day you might notice that you feel heavy and tired; your legs are sore and your back hurts a lot. Maybe it is difficult to find good position to sleep and you don’t rest well enough at night?

If you find yourself in the description above, it is time for you to relax and take good care of yourself and your baby. We offer you a great and efficient method. Take a few minutes to read more about it.

Why relaxation

Please understand that even positive changes like falling in love, new job, travelling or pregnancy might cause a lot of stress in our lives. Stress, which influences your physical and psychological state, lowers your immune system, has also negative effect on your baby. All the stress hormones produced in your body penetrate into the baby’s bloodstream and cause similar symptoms for your child. In this way both of you experience the unpleasant state. The difference between you and the baby is that you are able to understand the reasons and go through it but your baby doesn’t understand. It doesn’t know why it feels uneasy but it feels that it’s basic safety is disturbed. This is why it is very important to minimize the stress level during pregnancy time.

Sound relaxation – safe and effective.

Therapy with the sound of singing bowls is a safe and pleasant method of deep relaxation. It efficiently eliminates physical and psychological tension. Harmonizes body and mind, improves concentration, relieves pain, improves the flow of energy, soothes, relieves the feeling of heaviness and improves blood circulation.

Your baby will like it.

Sound therapy focused on the woman, helps her relax and simply be. It restores the primal trust, inner harmony and harmony with the outer world. In this way, the therapy indirectly affects the child. When mother feels good, the child feels safe and develops better. The basic principle of the sound therapy says:” What is good for the mother is also good for the baby”. But the child also receives sound therapy directly through the ears and sense of feeling. It indeed hears the pleasant sounds and feels soothing vibrations transmitted through the amniotic fluids. After the treatment, women often say that they felt the baby liked it.

Time is flying and soon your life will never be the same as before. You can do something to relax and improve the quality of your life during this sensitive period for your own and baby’s benefits. You can enter into a deeper harmony with yourself and the baby.

Relaxation with The Sound of Zen comes easy. Nobody can resist a quick and pleasant letting go.

What you need to know before booking your session:

You must be pregnant longer than 3 months.
Your pregnancy should develop normally according to the medical specialists.
You will be asked to lie down in the position on your side and also on your back.
You can ask more questions if you need by emailing us.

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