Clients’ feedback

“Her selection of sound was great; calm and secure and gave a sensation of peace. Her proceeding of sound opens up for deep breath and contact with forgotten images.”


“I loved the treatment. I felt really relaxed and I didn’t hurt anywhere. I was also surprised by the effect of the treatment. I felt really calm and in a good mood. Thank you very much, I needed this


“After a few minutes of the treatment I am totally relaxed and the tension in my body evaporates like dew in the morning sun. The gentle, calming sound is sending me to a different space. When it’s finished, it’s like returning from a holiday in a very peaceful and sane place”


“In my view, it is not only the “lydboller” (those sound bowls from Tibet) themselves that makes a treatment pleasant but also the practitioner. I really felt that I came to a nice, friendly and wise person that did not judge me, and it was much appreciated. So: Thank you. Takk. Dziękuję

Maria :

“Thank you for what I have received for myself during the sound massage. Not only my wellbeing has improved but also my life has completely changed. I am aware of some mechanisms in a human’s energy so I know what kind of miracles I got thanks to the sound massage.
I recommend this form of massage to everybody because I am sure it is efficient and effective. It improves wellbeing and makes states of disorders in physical and psychological areas disappear. I had problems in my female organs and my lower limbs. After a series of massages, they were gone. Also on the psychological level, I got rid of negative thoughts and past traumas. I AM SIMPLY A NEW PERSON. Thank you Wioletta, that I’ve met you.”


“Before I came to Wioletta I felt horrible. A year earlier, I got in touch with some traumatic experiences from my past and I did not know what to do with it. There was nobody to listen to me. I was living and thinking chaotically. I was tense, had pain in different parts of my body. I was not able to trust anyone. I found Wioletta’s sound therapy and coaching in the internet. During sound therapy, I have learnt to relax. Sound has also touched blocked energies in my chakras. So later on I was realizing through coaching what life experience caused the blockage of my energy. After all of it I have regained trust towards people, tension in my body decreased, I am more peaceful, feel psychologically strong and still work on myself.”